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Paleo Diet First Week Survival Stats

Day 7 of eating Paleo and I’m delighted that there is no reference in the book to counting calories or measuring servings.  Common sense and feeling a bit too full will guide you well, every time.  Trust me, I love salads and sauteed cabbage but I learned on day one that’s no reason to oink out on them.  I haven’t eaten this much animal protein in a long time but it has been nice to eat a burger guilt-free!  Make that a grass-fed beef burger sans bun, pickle, mustard or cheese. I can still have the onion, grilled lightly in butter first, thank you.

Truth be told, I’ve been going bun-less for the past year or two – they’re so white and airy and tasteless most of the time anyway.  What I really like (wicked grin spreading cross my face) is a thick slice of sourdough bread toasted to a nice tan and spread moderately with butter that melts right in…sigh (eyes rolling).  Yeah, really missing my morning toasts and coffee this week.  Bread was one thing I researched this summer when a colleague talked to me about what she called “wheat belly” and now that I am working on understanding the benefits of Paleo I find the information about grain consumption to be similar, and it’s beginning to make sense to me, now.

The idea, as expressed in the book is to go for 30 days consuming animal protein – eggs, beef, pork, poultry, and fish, along with tree nuts, seeds, leafy and green veggies, and fruit.  Also for this first 30 days I am to not have any caffeine, grains, legumes, sugar, starches, and dairy.  The goal is to clear out the body’s systems of those dietary culprits that contribute to altering or harming the natural condition. 

You may say “where are your carbs, where’s your fiber?”  and that’s a very good question considering these two words have been used everywhere and whenever someone wants to tell us what we need to do to eat healthy and stay healthy.  Turns out these dietary components have been part of the problem when not consumed properly, like overeating.  I’m only now starting to understand why some folks prefer to be gluten-free.  So, for the 30 day start-up phase, we do our best to go without them to help put the body’s systems back to its natural state, to settle the inflammation and distress that an improper diet can cause internally.

Obviously, with this much protein running through the pipes regular low-impact exercise is another focus for the first 30 days.  My 13-year-old Pomeranian, Frankie is delighted to get out for a walk with me every day and he is a very good walking companion if I keep him headed down the middle of the road and not zigging to this lamp post and zagging to that tree.  He starts out at a happy little trot and I keep up which gives me a good brisk walk for about 20 minutes.  Neither of us have had this much walking up to now, so I wanted to start out easy – this coming week I’ll add 10 minutes to the walk and continue to do so the following week, as well.  I’d like to do a 40 minute walk each day until the weather is warmer.  I know I feel revitalized after our walk and Frankie has a big drink of water and a nap.  See adorable photo below.

What I love about using this new diet:  butter, bacon, burgers, greater focus on vegetable varieties, and discovering the friendly folks at the farmers market where I buy my meat and veggies.  I was delighted to find decent organic choices at a local big box store, too!  Who knew?

What I miss:  coffee, chocolate, toast, pasta, “bakie tatties” as I happily refer to them, pancakes, pumpkin corn chips, bananas, my fruit teas* and prepared salad dressings.  Okay, I’ll try not to whine again, I promise.

By the way, I know that I keep referring to “the book” and if you want to know what book I’m working with please contact me.  I don’t want to promote one book over all the others out there promoting this new lifeway since I haven’t had a chance to read them all.  The book I use was recommended to me by someone I trust and that’s good enough for me.

Well, I hope you had a good weekend and you’re ready to start the work week…unless you work for someone who observes MLK Day and if so, sleep in!  You be so Paleo!

*I read the ingredient lists on the boxes of my favorite fruit tea bags and found that they contain soy lecithin  Since soy is part of the legume family, it is off this menu for the time being, and maybe later on but I need to research this particular element and I’ll let you know what I learn in another blog.  Meanwhile, do let me know what you think while learning and working this diet.    Cheers!

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My 1st Paleo Breakfast

I made my first paleo breakfast this morning after looking for ideas on the web.  What I made is huevos rancheros or what some might call “eggs in purgatory” – eggs in spicy tomato sauce, which I make some days when I want a warm breakfast.  It was a nice surprise to find that this dish was listed on several webpages I read to find breakfast recipes.

Very super basic – I made a half cup of sauce with crushed tomato, cilatro, pepper and dashes of hot sauce to taste.  I favor Louisiana hot sauce, with that hint of vinegar in its flavor.  I stirred and warmed the sauce, then made my egg with a little butter, sunny side up and put it on top of the sauce.  I LOVE avocado and so I added half of one, in chunks to the dish.  Add a cup of coffee and I haven’t been hungry all morning and, now, into the early afternoon.

Something tells me that breakfast is going to be an easy part of this new way of eating for me…except Sundays when hubby makes pancakes.  I’ll get back to you on this, later.  I’m going to find a paleo pancake or my name ain’t Pamela!!

If you want to share a warm egg breakfast, here is a recipe that you can make for your family:


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Happy Lucky ’13

As is the custom on the first day of a new year, one thinks of things to do differently, the idea being that one is being given a fresh start.  I wanted to take advantage of this new year starting point by taking my life into a new direction.  My goal is to heal myself, to feed and care for myself with the desire to grow strong again.

I once worked with an anthropology professor who shared a discussion with me about the idea that the diet of the caveman was ideal for us today.  To go back to the notion that the ancient diet was best for how our bodies function, even today.

We’ve had so much thrown at us—and I speak as a baby boomer—about how we should eat to live longer.  And all the while, I’m continually surprised at what the agriculture industry is doing to our food supply for the sake of convenience and profit.  The more I read about such things, the more I’m convinced that we really need to wise up, read up, and take back the power to feed ourselves in a healthy way.

My goal is to learn more about paleo nutrition, organic gardening, food preservation, and how this could benefit the feminine form – mine!  I have already done a lot of reading and counseling on this and I promise to bring you what I know and learn.  I hope you’ll want to share your knowledge with me, as well.

Happy New Year, let’s get started,



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