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I took my daughter food shopping with me during her childhood and I taught her how to read labels.  I saw this as an important way to keep her safe and healthy all her life.  It’s a mom thing!  (She’s now in her early 20’s, eating whatever she wants, and seems to have forgotten what she learned about this eating healthy, but I’m sure that it will come back to her, eventually…let us pray!)

We started out by looking for the quantity of fat and salt always listed on the label, and she became very sharp in looking for this information, especially on cans.  I told her why we believed that all fat was bad for us, since I was always watching my cholesterol, and because I knew that salt could complicate high blood pressure, which runs in my family.

In her teens we also began to take close notice of another bad element in most of our packaged foods – partially hydrogenated oils.  These oils were engineered to allow for longer shelf life of the food products and have nothing to do with nutritional value.  When we learned it was in our favorite microwave popcorn we knew we had another thing to watch out for in our work of reading of labels.

Ironically, as we liked to abbreviate things, we started referring to this new foe as “pho” and were on constant lookout for it while shopping.  If it had “pho” in it we usually didn’t buy it which was really tough sometimes because “pho” seemed to be making its way throughout the grocery store and into almost every food category outside of the produce section – even frozen foods!  Isn’t freezing the food enough of a preservative?

For years, we’ve been reading and hearing more about GMOs and these are much more sneaky issues.  Why?  Because the companies that modify the genetics of what the agriculture industry produces are making lots of money on these engineered foods and spend that money keeping our lawmakers from holding them accountable for what they are selling as FOOD.  You’ve heard of the M@#*$nto Protection Act, yes?  So far, only one State in the USA requires labeling to tell the consumer if the product they are buying is GMO.

So, rather than relying on labels to tell us what genetic nonsense has been put into the food we buy, we can read the current research that talks about pesticides engineered into the corn & soy seeds intended to kill the pests that chew on the plants (as well as the bees that are meant to pollinate them) and the human diseases caused by this engineering once humans eat the products made with these plants.  Did you know that the farm raised fish you buy is also a product of GMO?  Just like any other GMO livestock, it’s about growing them bigger-faster-cheaper, and not about the nutritional value to humans.  During a recent spell of reading and research, I came across several good webpages and I’ll share them here with you.

I feel a little safer in shopping for mostly organic, free-range and grass fed, but I realize there are no guarantees.  Eating whole foods, as nature made them, and avoiding all grain products is the best way to void eating the engineered and processed foods that are so not healthy for us.  We can vote against GMOs in the market where we buy our foods.  We can keep ourselves safe and healthy by reading the labels and reading information from sources we trust.  Please let me know if you have webpages to share – I love making new discoveries!

This is a 7 minute video that’s informative:


Just Say NO to GMO – Go Paleo!!




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