Healing with food for life!

My Physical, My Results, My Joy!

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This is the moment when one knows that the effort and discipline was worth it.  It is what one hopes for when launching off into a big change or makeover in a key component of one’s life and health.  This is WHY we do it.

My physical was on Wednesday and my doctor’s office called me to give me the results of my blood work, and the nurse sounded nearly as positive as I was when I heard what she had to say.

My genetic design has had me looking at high triglycerides and cholesterol, and bad liver enzyme numbers for many years.  I once joked with my parents that they should have stirred the genetic pot a little better before they made me – over my lifetime, I’ve developed many of the same physical and medical issues that challenged my mother and still do my father.

Well!  I am delighted to tell you that going Paleo has changed all of these numbers, and I asked my doctor’s nurse to send this information to me in the mail, I might even frame it.

My good cholesterol (HDL) is up, bad cholesterol (LDL) is way down, my triglycerides are much lower and my liver enzymes are nearly normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is after adding more meat, fish and eggs to my diet and eating nuts and butter with wild abandon.  I haven’t had bread or cereal, potatoes or pasta, and or anything sugary since January and do not miss it.

At my age, I’m kind of proud that I don’t take any medication and now I have locked that in, made sure that will be the case for my future.  No drug company is making money on me!  *wicked laugh*

And this is after being Paleo for only 3 months.  ARE YOU READY TO GIVE IT A TRY?

Oh, and the doctor’s scale showed that I lost 9 pounds.  I’m still working on this number a bit more.

If  you want to know what book I used as my guide for this super diet for life, leave a comment and I’ll tell you.







.Have a great weekend!



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