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Sharing the links…

Since starting the paleo diet I have done a lot of research and feel that what happens to our food before it lands on our supermarket shelves is very disturbing, frightening.

I have also learned about how food heals and how it hurts our bodies.

I thought you might appreciate a few links to some of what I’ve found, both GOOD and BAD.  So, visit the links below and let me know what you think about it.

And another thing:  We are loosing our bee populations to agricultural chemicals, and we see a rapid increase in diseases we don’t know how to cure, like ALS. Profit seeking has fostered GMO and toxin proliferation in all of our country’s food industry – what do you think?

If you ever wonder why ‘food’ companies spend so much money on anti-GMO labeling initiatives? This is a good illustration.

I’ll try to be more creative in my next posting…




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