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My 1st Paleo Breakfast

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I made my first paleo breakfast this morning after looking for ideas on the web.  What I made is huevos rancheros or what some might call “eggs in purgatory” – eggs in spicy tomato sauce, which I make some days when I want a warm breakfast.  It was a nice surprise to find that this dish was listed on several webpages I read to find breakfast recipes.

Very super basic – I made a half cup of sauce with crushed tomato, cilatro, pepper and dashes of hot sauce to taste.  I favor Louisiana hot sauce, with that hint of vinegar in its flavor.  I stirred and warmed the sauce, then made my egg with a little butter, sunny side up and put it on top of the sauce.  I LOVE avocado and so I added half of one, in chunks to the dish.  Add a cup of coffee and I haven’t been hungry all morning and, now, into the early afternoon.

Something tells me that breakfast is going to be an easy part of this new way of eating for me…except Sundays when hubby makes pancakes.  I’ll get back to you on this, later.  I’m going to find a paleo pancake or my name ain’t Pamela!!

If you want to share a warm egg breakfast, here is a recipe that you can make for your family:


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