Healing with food for life!

Happy Lucky ’13

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As is the custom on the first day of a new year, one thinks of things to do differently, the idea being that one is being given a fresh start.  I wanted to take advantage of this new year starting point by taking my life into a new direction.  My goal is to heal myself, to feed and care for myself with the desire to grow strong again.

I once worked with an anthropology professor who shared a discussion with me about the idea that the diet of the caveman was ideal for us today.  To go back to the notion that the ancient diet was best for how our bodies function, even today.

We’ve had so much thrown at us—and I speak as a baby boomer—about how we should eat to live longer.  And all the while, I’m continually surprised at what the agriculture industry is doing to our food supply for the sake of convenience and profit.  The more I read about such things, the more I’m convinced that we really need to wise up, read up, and take back the power to feed ourselves in a healthy way.

My goal is to learn more about paleo nutrition, organic gardening, food preservation, and how this could benefit the feminine form – mine!  I have already done a lot of reading and counseling on this and I promise to bring you what I know and learn.  I hope you’ll want to share your knowledge with me, as well.

Happy New Year, let’s get started,



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